Master the '90s-Inspired Ombré Lip Look: Your Ultimate Guide

Master the '90s-Inspired Ombré Lip Look: Your Ultimate Guide

Unleash your inner nostalgia with a throwback to the '90s through the iconic ombré lip trend. Whether you fondly recall the era or are just discovering its charm, join us as we delve into a tutorial that brings this classic lip look into the present day. Thanks to the resurgence of vintage beauty trends on platforms like TikTok, the gradient lip is back with a modern twist, ready to captivate a new generation of makeup enthusiasts.

Main image: Jasmin Tookes @jastookes

What Are Ombré Lips?

The '90s were defined by various fashion and beauty trends, and among them, the ombré lip stood out. This look typically paired a matte nude lipstick with a visible dark lip liner, creating a subtle gradient effect. Today, with the influx of ‘90s and Y2K trends making a resurgence brown lip liner is still just as popular, today's ombré lips embrace a wider spectrum of colours, focusing more on the technique than specific hues.

How To Achieve an Ombré Lip Look in Five Steps:

Let's dive into the process of creating a nostalgic yet eye-catching ombré lip look using products that may already reside in your makeup bag:

Start with smooth lips by exfoliating gently to remove any dry skin or flakes, ensuring an even application of lip products.

Line your lips with a medium-toned brown lip liner like Hourglass Shape and Sculpt Lip Liner in Uncover 4 or Hourglass Shape and Sculpt Lip Liner in Candid 5 softly blending the edges for a seamless transition.

Use a small lip brush to diffuse the harsh lines of the lip liner, creating a more natural gradient effect.

Apply a darker lipstick shade, such as Neek Skin Organics Vegan Lipstick Mystify, blending it from the lip liner towards the centre of your lips for depth and dimension.

Finish by applying a lighter lipstick shade to the centre of your lips, like Neek Skin Organics Vegan Lipstick All The Lovers, blending it slightly into the darker shade for a seamless gradient effect.

Enhance with Gloss:

While the '90s were all about matte lips, today's ombré lips get a modern update with a glossy finish. Complete your look with Neek Skin Organics Vegan Gloss Adore for a touch of shine that perfectly complements your ombré lips.

How To Touch Up Ombré Lips:

Maintaining your ombré lip throughout the day is achievable with the right techniques and products. If you need to reapply your lipstick, focus on the centre of your lips and gently blend to maintain the gradient effect without disrupting your liner.

Three Tips for Achieving Ombré Lips:

Now that you've mastered the basics, here are three additional tips to elevate your ombré lip game:

Experiment with different finishes, from matte to satin to high-shine, to find the perfect look for your style.

Perfect your lip liner application by cleaning up any smudges with concealer for a precise finish.

Highlight your cupid's bow with Neek Skin Organics Vegan Crème Highlighter Bellini to add dimension and draw attention to your lips.

Three Ombré Lip Looks To Try Now:

Explore these variations of the ombré lip trend for unique and captivating looks:

Modern nude ombré lips

Image: Jennifer Lopez

Achieve a soft, rosy ombré lip by pairing a subtle nude shade with Neek Skin Organics Vegan Lipstick All The Lovers and Neek Skin Organics Vegan Lipstick Come In To My World for a J. Lo-inspired gradient look.

Pink ombré lips

Image: Hailey Bieber

For a youthful and flushed appearance, combine a reddish-brown lip liner like Neek Skin Organics Vegan Lipstick Friday On My Mind with Neek Skin Organics Vegan Lipstick Sweet About Me for dewy, light berry tones.

Berry ombré lips

Image: Jessica Alba

Make a bold statement with a combination of red wine and dusty plum hues like Neek Skin Organics Vegan Lipstick Bittersweet and Neek Skin Organics Vegan Lipstick Fallin', creating a moody and ntriguing vibe.

Embrace the timeless appeal of '90s beauty with an ombré lip look that seamlessly blends nostalgia with modernity. Experiment with colours, techniques, and Neek Skin Organics products to express your unique style and make a statement with this iconic trend.

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