The new year is almost here & it's not the only thing that's arriving...

The new year is almost here & it's not the only thing that's arriving...

That’s right – we’re excited to announce that our reformulated, new-look vegan face cleanser and moisturiser are here!

“So, what’s different?” Well, we’re glad you asked.

Switch, Switch, Bish

As you probably know, at NEEK Skin Organics, we’re on a mission to make switching from toxic, skin-damaging, animal-cruel, and non-eco products to plant-based, skin-loving, human-friendly, animal-friendly, and environmentally-friendly products as EASY PEASEY as possible.

And, of course, we want to make sure that when you make the switch, you can choose vegan natural products that actually work!

Part of our strategy has involved making our prices as affordable as possible, without compromising on the integrity of our products.

And we did it!

By using more local Australian active ingredients including Wattleseed and Quandong Extract, getting rid of unnecessary outer packaging, and negotiating with our suppliers, we can now offer you more value, with the same awesome quality and results.

Pink and more green

We’re also excited to reveal our new bio-plastic skincare packaging tubes. Not only are these tubes lighter and safer for the accident prone 🙋🏼 than our glass bottles, they’re also being supported by two exciting recycling initiatives (more details to come), helping us to show you and our planet more love.

Vegan Cleanser

Meet our new-look vegan face cleanser.

Created from gentle, vegan botanicals (including sage, aloe vera, and calendula), our cleanser removes makeup and cleans and detoxes your skin properly, without stripping away any of the good stuff.

Vegan Face Moisturiser

Say hi to our new face moisturiser all 75mls of her. Yup, it's been upsized too!

Non-greasy, lightweight, and packing a serious hydration punch, our best-selling moisturiser-it-back

With kick-arse natural ingredients including hyaluronic acid (which attracts and holds water like nobody's business), skin-balancing antioxidants (looking at you, wattleseed), and skin-soothing aloe vera, our moisturiser has your anti-ageing and anti-blemish needs covered… literally!

Both new products are available NOW!

So you can get your hands on the new NEEK today. (As you’ll see, our online store has also had a spruce up!).

To all our lovely loyal customers, thank you for your patience during this transition. It took time to get things right, and we appreciate you sticking by us in the meantime.

We hope you have a wonderful New Year, and that 2019 is full of love and happiness.

Take care,

Angelique and the NEEK team x

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