Teen Skin - Part Two

Teen Skin - Part Two

she, he, they, xe and ze - something all teens need...

I introduced my two sons to cleansing when they were both around 11 years, so that they were in a bit of a skin routine before the gonadotropin-releasing hormone* hit. Why deal with acne and angry if you can avoid it?!

Now as teens, running out of cleanser garners a similar reaction to when they realise there is no milk left. Bad, bad way to start the day! But... sooo good that they notice themselves how quickly their skin breakouts if they skip a few days of cleansing.

Thank you for joining us for part two, we hope you find the following skin smarts helpful.

1. Start a simple skincare routine before the hormones hit.

consistency is key to healthy skin

2. Hormones and immunity can play a part, however for the best chance of creating healthy, clear skin is by washing when you get up in the morning and again before bed. Consistency is key to healthy skin. Just twice a day - more than that will overdry the skin.

Hydration = healthy skin

3. Keep skin hydrated. Cleanser is the queen – but for the best chance of managing breakouts and having healthy, clear skin all teens should be using both a cleanser and moisturiser daily. When the skin is dry, it can easily become irritated or damaged, resulting in pimples. Being hydrated also ensures new skin cells develop correctly as sores heal.

acne fighting ingredients

Choose a light, non-comedogenic moisturiser, which doesn't clog pores, but does contain hyaluronic acid (HA). HA isn’t only one of the best natural hydrators, it has antioxidant properties that will protect your skin. We highly recommend our Vegan Face Moisturiser.

boys have skin too

4. Don’t touch your face. Touching, rubbing, squeezing, or popping acne sores can introduce bacteria causing more pimples or further infection.

5. Keep hair off face.  Excess oil and hair product can clog pores. Shampoo hair regularly and keep it off your forehead, face and back. Wear a headband when sleeping or playing sport.


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