Teen Skin

Teen Skin

Do you know what the most important skincare product is for teens?

C L E A N S E R. Why? For teens it’s about controlling oiliness, keeping skin bacteria free to minimise breakouts and achieving clear skin without over-drying the surface.

Hormones and immunity can play a part, however for the best chance of creating healthy, clear skin is by washing when you get up in the morning and again before bed. Cleanser and washes commonly found in supermarkets contain SLS and harsh detergents, which can make acne worse.

Opt for a gentle cleanser like our Vegan Cleanser that cleans and detoxes properly but doesn’t strip skin of the good stuff.

The goal for teens is clear skin and oil control, right? So do teens need to use a face moisturiser?

Yes, they do!

Even oily skin can be dehydrated. Hydration = healthy skin. Moisturiser prevents dehydration plus it also helps to prevent environmental damage (pollution, weather etc) bc it acts as a protective barrier.

Although keeping skin clean and exfoliated to prevent blockages and bacteria is key for teens, hydration plays a preventative role.

We recommend choosing a moisturiser that contains fruit acids (like our vegan face moisturiser!) as it gentle exfoliates skin as well as hydrates. For teens, apply moisturiser just once a day before bed.


Choosing the right skincare for teenage skin can go a long way in the quest for a blemish-free, healthy, happy complexion.  

For teens, the focus controlling oiliness, keeping skin bacteria-free and protecting skin from damage and dehydration. 

  • START using skincare prior to the hormone hit.
  • It has to be SIMPLE, quick and easy to use.
  • SELECT a cleanser and moisturiser without harsh detergents and chemicals that won’t strip or damage their lovely young skin.   

 Our well formulated vegan face cleanser and moisturiser detoxes, exfoliates and hydrates AND continues to deliver the best results in the fight against blemishes and achieving a healthy, radiant complexion.

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