Eye Makeup Removal (save your lashes) Secrets

Eye Makeup Removal (save your lashes) Secrets

At NEEK, we love Pandas… But only the black and white furry kind that hail from China – not the variety we sometimes become after washing our faces.

One benefit people keep telling us they’re loving when they use our Miss Divine Active Face Cleanser is that it effectively yet gently removes eye makeup. 

However, effective eye makeup removal isn’t just about not looking like a panda. It’s also about protecting your lashes.

You’d be surprised to learn how many lashes become casualties when you remove your eye makeup. Eyelash hair is super fine and fragile, so even when you remove makeup with a gentle cleanser, you need to take special care if you want to encourage thicker, longer, luscious lashes. 

That’s why we’ve put together our top tips for preserving your eyelashes and enjoying effective eye makeup removal in the process…

Sans waterproof

We get that waterproof mascara is a must in some situations. If you’re going to a wedding (and may shed a few tears) or you want to look all Jessica Alba-esque at the beach, waterproof mascara will be your friend.  But eek! Your little lashes take a bashing in the removal process due to waterproof mascara’s heavy formula.

The solution? We recommend that you limit the waterproof formulas for special occasions. That way, you can encourage luscious lashes in the meantime. We promise your lashes will love you for it!

Flush your face

Giving your face and eyes a good splash of water before you cleanse will kick-start everything by diluting your eye makeup and removing the top layer before you even get started on the more formal removal process. 

Yep, we know this approach means “hello temporary panda!” But it also means “hello more eyelashes” at the end. Which is the result we all want, right?

Gently does it

Once you've rinsed and splashed around your eyes, apply cleanser to your fingers or to a cotton pad.  Next, gently move the cleanser in a downward motion over your eyelid and lashes to start removing your eye makeup. Repeat this step a few times, and use circular motions to gently get under your lashes.  Then rinse with water before gently washing your entire face with cleanser (including brushing over your eye area). This should completely remove your eye makeup and any other makeup on your face.

Pat, pat, pat

Some people do the cleansing and washing steps perfectly, only to damage their face and lashes during the drying stage. Tut tut! Don’t make the same mistake.

When drying with a towel, always gently pat your face rather than rubbing it.  Not only can hard rubbing break your lashes, it can also be harsh on your face’s delicate skin, weakening its elasticity. Not an outcome any of us want!  

Touch up

If you find that you’ve missed a spot or still have a little bit of stubborn mascara or eye makeup left on your face, there are other steps you can take.

Rather than wash your face again (which can be harsh on your skin), pop a drop of oil (we recommend our Lovely Wide Eyes eye serum, of course) on a cotton bud tip and gently dab it to remove the offending makeup.

Moisturise dem lashes

Yep, moisturising your eyelashes is a thing. Moisturising your lashes helps to condition them, making them stronger and preventing unnecessary breakage. All of which = longer, luscious lashes.

To moisturise your lashes, put a teeny weeny drop of oil on your finger tip, then blink your top lashes onto your finger, moving the finger along to share the oil around as you go.  For your bottom lashes, gently apply oil by brushing your finger along your lash line.  Be very careful not to get any of the oil in your eyes, and only use it sparingly.

No rubbing

Away from the makeup removal process, there are other steps you can take to protect your eyelashes.

If you suffer from hay fever or get something in your eyes, and you need to rub them, be sure to only rub them gently.  Your little lashes will often break in the process otherwise.

Conscious curling

Try and limit using eyelash curlers, as they can lead to damaged or broken lashes.  Because your lash hair is so fine and delicate, bending your lashes with a curler can cause them to break.  

Fake eyelashes

If you’re a fan of falsies, then we have a few tips to reduce carnage to your real lashes. 

Opt for lashes that use a glue made from a natural formula, rather than a chemical-based one.  Harsh chemicals not only weaken your lashes and cause breakage – they can also cause irritation or adverse reactions on your eyelids, lashes, and eyes.   

Removing falsies can also be super damaging to your lashes. To be kind to them on removal, we recommend applying our Lovely Wide Eyes eye serum on to two cotton pads, then lying down and having a little relax for a few minutes with a pad over each of your closed eyes. The oil will soak into the lashes and help to loosen your falsies so that they slide off more easily.  We got this hot tip from Lash guru and makeup artist, Helen Dowsley. Thanks Hels.

Go forth and flutter

So there you have it – our top tips for fabulous, flutterable eyelashes and effective eye makeup removal. If you follow this formula, you’ll have more luscious lashes and can say good riddance to panda eyes in no time.

Do you have any other eye makeup removal or lash care tips you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments!

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