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VEGAN skincare

vegan skincare set ft. eco mitt

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Our two skincare products bundled together makes a Superskin Set! And this set also comes with a makeup removing mitt.

Using the powerful properties of natural ingredient including Hyaluronic Acid and Australian Bush Actives, Wattleseed and Desert Lime extracts. Each ingredient has been selected for its hydrating, purifying, anti-ageing, and other benefits - taking care of all your skincare needs using our vegan cleanser and vegan moisturiser.

Our micro fibre mitt breaks the surface tension of the oils that bond makeup or suncream to the skin, while gently exfoliating. It's also:

  • Reusable (the ocean will thank you!)
  • Chemical and plastic free
  • Washable
  • Fully portable (use at home, at the gym, and on holiday)

Valued at over $65 this set* includes:

We also have a Skincare Set with headband you might like.


Directions for using your makeup removing mitt

1. Wet your mitt with warm water.

2. Add a drop of vegan cleanser to the mix.

3. Wash your face using slow, gentle, circular motions, paying particular attention to your “T Zone” (your forehead, nose, and chin). Don’t forget your eyes and lips, either!

4. Rinse cloth with water to remove makeup, dirt, and pollutants.

5. Allow cloth to dry before next use.

6. Machine wash after a few uses.

For heavy makeup removal:

1. Follow steps 1-4 as described above.

2. Add another drop of cleanser to your mitt.

3. Use gentle, circular motions to remove heavy eye makeup, and light, downward strokes on lashes to remove mascara.