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skincare set ft. bow headband

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Each ingredient has been selected for its hydrating, purifying, blemish-banishing, glow-giving benefits - taking care of all your skincare needs using just two products: vegan cleanser and vegan moisturiser.

To keep it cute whilst cleansing, we’re added a bow headband. Made from cotton, this stretchy band will hold your hair back while you wash your face or apply makeup.

Valued at over $65 THIS SET INCLUDES:


  • 12 years + with blemishes/acne concerns
  • Interested in the protection, restoration and long-term skin goals
  • Sensitive skin
  • Pregnant/breastfeeding
  • Appreciates Australian Made
  • Loves animals and the environment

Learn more about vegan cleanser and vegan face moisturiser and the lovely affects they will have on your skin.

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