Teens, tits and tips

Teens, tits and tips

For me the parent/work life thing has always been a frantic juggle rather than any kind of balance. B A L A N C E, just hearing the word has me kicking to get my skates off. I have however had a couple of ‘unconscious balancing’ parent/work moments, let me share because I can’t lie, it felt so good.  

Race walking in heels to the Bowen Hills Train station, I started to reflect on my day… Kids delivered to school seamlessly - with a well-balanced ‘nude’ lunch. I’m wearing my ‘good’ aka ironed, work outfit, hair is washed, teeth cleaned, and that big meeting today… I just nailed it!   We’re surrounded by natural light courtesy of the floor-to-ceiling windows and French doors in Gwyneth’s kitchen.  Over generous island benches made from traditional white cabinetry topped with Calacatta marble are contrasted beautifully with the polished, dark wood floor.  I casually throw a tea towel over my shoulder as I approach the large country stove (we’ve just whipped up something exquisite and inaccessible), I make a quip that cracks up GP, (like, she’s laughing hard). As my eye gaze drops so does my satisfied smirk. I’m looking down at my chest and through my sheer-ish blouse I see that I failed to reattach the right side of my nursing bra, post milk-expressing and PRE meeting, which I so confidently chaired. (KEVIN!).  

Looking back now, what’s a little nip slip between department heads, anyway?  It would have been a max of what…one or two…yes, absolutely two hours of exposure.  

What has this got to do with NEEK? Good question, just an overshare to let you know I’m committed to sticking to my own lane. I will only share advice on the topics I know things about, skin being one of them. One of the topics I get asked the most about, is managing teen skin.  As the mum of two teenage boys (who have skin), I’ve been around the hormonal spotty block a few times.  

Over the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing (yep brace yourselves, wink, wink) some facts and my tested tips and hints, I think you’ll find them helpful not just for teens, but for overall skin health in general. If you already receive our occasional emails, perfect stay put, you are subscribed! If not, we can add you to the list here now. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your continued support of my local business during these unsettling times. 

Take care,  Angelique x

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