NEEK's reusable herb bags double as product packaging

Sustainable Swaps: Reusable Packaging Unwrapped with NEEK's Eco-Friendly Tips

At NEEK we love using reusable materials. Making a simple swap to reusable packaging helps eliminate plastic and waste in your life.

We wrap our smaller products furoshiki style with cotton face cloths and use reusable herb bags for our sets.

Herb Bags: More Than Just a Satchel

For teas and drinks

Drop that herb bag into your pot of water, cider, or wine, and voilà! You've got yourself a concoction that would make any chef jealous.

Cooking with fine herbs

Spice up your soups and stews with bay, chives, tarragon, or even peppercorns and garlic cloves—all neatly packed in your trusty herb bag.

Bathing Bliss

Who knew a bath could be eco-friendly? Fill your herb bag with Chamomile or Lavender Flowers for a relaxing soak, or go for Peppermint Leaves if you fancy something more invigorating. Hang that bag under hot running water, and let the herbal magic unfold. After use, simply toss the herbs, rinse the bag, and it's ready for the next spa day.

Sachets and Potpourri - Spice Up Your Closets

Elevate your linen game with herb and spice potpourri mixes tucked into your herb bag. Hang it in your closet, and suddenly, your clothes are dancing to the aromatic symphony. Who knew sustainable living could smell so good?

Face Cloths: More Than Just a Pretty Wipe

Sustainable packaging: Neek's furoshiki face cloths


NEEK's 100% cotton face cloths aren't just for show—they're multitasking marvels. Boost the power of our Vegan Face Cleanser with a gentle exfoliation. Wet the cloth, work it in circular motions, rinse, and hang to dry. It's like a mini-spa for your face!

Handkerchiefs Making a Comeback

Guess what's making a comeback? Handkerchiefs! Yes, you read it right. Millennials and Gen Z'ers are ditching tissues for this timeless accessory. And it's not just a fashion statement; it's a practical, convenient, and eco-friendly move.

Furoshiki wrapping

Reuse this cloth to wrap a gift furoshiki style - like we wrapped your products.

Embrace the change and let's keep our planet fabulous! 🌍

In the grand scheme of things, making small changes like swapping to reusable packaging can have a significant impact. So, here's to being creative and making sustainability cool, one reusable step at a time. 



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