serum skills for radiant results

serum skills for radiant results

Take a pea sized amount of serum, then using your ring finger (it has less muscles so applies less pressure) dab along the orbital bone moving in a circular motion, travelling up the bridge of your nose across your eyebrow and back to where you started*. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Let this delicate part of your skin absorb all the delicious active ingredients to be restored and rejuvenated naturally.

We recommend our Wide Lovely Eyes and Face Serum be applied on clean skin fresh after cleansing, and before moisturising. This allows the active ingredients to take the fast lane to the epidermis while your pores are open and no interference from other products. 

*Avoid putting serum on your eyelids or directly below bottom lashes of your eye. The serum will travel when it warms up with your body temperature and get into these spots by itself. 

Learn more about the science and ingredients in our organic, vegan Wide Lovely Eyes and Face Serum.

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