Post-Festive Season Skin Rehab 101

Post-Festive Season Skin Rehab 101

Are you suffering from post-festive season skin?

You probably know what we’re talking about, even if you’ve never called it that before. Think: pimples, bags, dehydration, or just no glow. We’ve all been there (or are there).

If you’re in the post-festive season skin boat, you’re not alone. Which is why we’ve put together our top tips for a little skin rehab to get your skin back on track in the New Year.

Double cleanse

When you’re getting home late from Christmas and New Year’s parties, it’s easy to neglect (or completely miss) your cleansing routine.

But there’s no time it’s more important, especially for the southern hemisphere folk, where the festive season is also summertime. During summer, we tend to wear sunscreen more frequently. This can contribute to blocked pores and congestion, so cleansing is super important.

If you’ve fallen off the cleansing cart, the New Year is the time to get firmly back onto it. If you wear makeup, you need to cleanse twice: once to remove makeup and then once to cleanse the skin. We recommend our Miss divine face cleanser (naturally) to do this job.

Water, water, water

Egg nog, champagne and exotic cocktails tend to replace our water bottles during the festive season. But as you know, staying hydrated and drinking plenty of water is the best way to help your body cleanse itself of impurities and toxins. These impurities and toxins are often the cause of blemishes and unhealthy skin. So it’s time to pack your water bottle and get back on the H2O!


We all know that alcohol, caffeine and sugar can be detrimental to healthy skin, so keep your intake of these in mind.

This doesn’t mean it’s time to take a crash diet. Usually, simply returning to your usual ‘non-party’ diet will improve your skin. Too easy!

Simply choosing unprocessed food as much as possible will also do your skin (and health) a world of good.


If your skin feels dry or dehydrated, apply a moisturiser containing ingredients such as Sodium Hyaluronate and Vitamin E.

These ingredients help attract and maintain water, which helps to rehydrate the skin and restore its softness. We recommend our These days moisturiser. This moisturiser not only includes these two ingredients – it’s also packed with antioxidants and other hydrating hero ingredients such as Olive Squalane and natural AHA’s to help exfoliate skin Regular exfoliation is also important to decrease the roughness of your dry epidermis.


Sleep allows more production of collagen and elastin to keep your skin taut.

So if you’ve been having a few late nights, it’s time to catch up on some shut eye!


If you can, find yourself a good skin therapist and treat yourself to a microdermabrasian facial and maybe even a lactic peel to exfoliate and brighten up your skin.

There are different facials and peels available, but your skin specialist should be able to recommend the right treatment to suit your skin.

Skin goals

So there you have it – our skin rehab 101. No crazy crash diets or sacrifices that bring out your inner demon. If you want to recover from post-festive season skin, why not give our top tips a try.

Do you have any skin health tips that you’d like to share? We’d love to hear them if you do.

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