Not too hot, Not too cold... Just Right

Not too hot, Not too cold... Just Right

When it comes to shower temperature, the Goldilocks rule applies…especially if you’re cleansing your face. Too hot 🔥 will zap the moisture from your skin and dry it out - regardless of how much moisturiser you lather on after. Luke warm is 'just right' for your skin👌🏻It allows the pores to open and helps cleanser remove oils and bacteria.

If you are a cold shower enthusiast, (the thought of anything other than a cold shower, or the sight of a jumper 🙀 is torture for us right now 🇦🇺♨️) and like the circulation and muscle recovery benefits, try ending your shower with a 30 second cold water blast ❄️

Naturally (and veganly 😉), we recommend our vegan cleanser accompany you in your ‘just right’ shower. Our clever cleanser is a multi-tasker that has your make-up removing, blemish-free, anti-aging needs covered.

PS. leave your skin a little damp before applying moisturiser as it helps absorb and lock in the moisture.

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