moisturise for healthy hands

moisturise for healthy hands

Constant hand-washing and use of sanitiser is necessary for reducing germs on the skin’s surface, but it will eventually dry out the skin and lead to cracking, and discomfort.

Moisturising our hands daily to rehydrate the skin, not only provides comfort but is a key part of hand sanitation.

The harsh detergent and alcohol base, strips the skin barrier of essential proteins and lipids, resulting in irritation and dryness. When our skin barrier is dry and damaged, the soap and alcohol disinfectants do not work as well.

So... both regular hand-washing and moisturising are two of our best defences for keeping germs, infection and discomfort at bay.

the best creams for dry, damaged hands

Opt for a rich moisturiser with hydrating and active ingredients that absorbs into the skin, over a body lotion or moisturiser. Moisturisers like our Vegan Face Moisturiser that contain hydrating hero, hyaluronic acid (which attracts and holds water like nobody's business) is fabulous for hands. 

Our moisturiser also contains other hydrating ingredients like avocado oil and skin soothing like aloe vera – all the lovely things you need to add back into the skin.

how to get healthy, soft hands

Our Vegan Face Moisturiser can be used as often as needed throughout the day, after washing hands. If applying throughout the day isn’t practical or possible for you, bedtime is also a really good time to moisturise your hands and give skin a rest.

If you can, put on a pair of cotton gloves for a few hours or even overnight – as it will helps skin to absorb and seal the moisture.


I apply the moisturiser to my face, neck and chest and then finish up by massaging some into my hands each night.

During this time of coronavirus-crazy-handwashing, my husband and two boys have also been using the Vegan Face Moisturiser on their hands and it has become a nice, self-soothing before bed ritual.  Occasionally, I'll apply it for them and give them a little hand massage, which they love.  I WOULD love!   Actually, that is what I'm going to ask for, for Mother's Day a hand and foot massage!  

stay moisturised and give yourself some extra self-care
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