We've Gotta Hand it to You... And You Should Too

We've Gotta Hand it to You... And You Should Too

When it comes to skincare, all the focus tends to be on your face.
But have you spared a thought for the rest of your skin? Especially your hands?

Why worry about your hands?

Of all our bodies’ appendages, our hands get a pretty rough deal.

Just think about it for a moment…

Your hands are regularly exposed to harsh detergents, chemicals, hot water, the sun, and everyday wear and tear. This is a great recipe for skin damage. So it’s no wonder that your hands show signs of ageing more quickly than your face!

What can you do?

Because your hands are out there on the frontline, it’s worth giving them some extra TLC.

To help you get this right, we’ve listed some common signs of hand ageing, and how you can give your hands the right kind of loving to counteract these signs. (Hint: it’s pretty similar to the skin routine you should be following for your face.)

Loss of volume (hello bones and veins!)

You have more control over your hand “volume” than you might realise. In fact, you can take steps to prevent or minimise the appearance of bones and veins showing through.

Regularly using a moisturiser that’s full of active ingredients and antioxidants on your hands can help to make your skin more hydrated – and that means plumper! If you’re on the lookout for a great moisturiser, we always recommend our These Days Active Face Moisturiser because it’s full to the brim with natural, hydrating goodness.

Cracking & dryness

Cracked and dry hands don’t just look uncomfortable – they feel it. But you can take steps to counteract this, including some surprising ones.
The hydrating benefits of moisturiser won’t just make the skin on your hands appear plumper. Regularly moisturising your hands can also help prevent cracking and dryness, making them look and feel softer. And while it might not seem as obvious, gently exfoliating your hands to remove dead skin cells will also help to give your skin a smoother, healthier finish. (Your Miss Divine Face Cleanser can do double-duty as a hand cleanser, so this step is too easy.)

Sun spots & pigmentation

Sun protection is an important, preventative approach to minimising the signs of ageing. But are you including your hands in your sun protection routine?
Hands often cop it from UV rays – especially when you’re driving. Thankfully, this is an easy solve. Simply pop some zinc on the back of your hands if you’re going to be on the road for more than ten minutes during the day. Zinc is an excellent sun blocker and it’s less slippery than sunscreen (pretty important when you’re at the wheel!). So next time you’re applying sunscreen or a hat to protect the rest of your body, spare a thought for your hands too.

It’s easy!

If you’re already following a skincare routine for your face, sparing a moment to take care of your hands is easy! And really, that’s how all skincare should be. Wouldn’t you agree?


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