Give me some sugar!

Give me some sugar!

Working on developing our new NEEK face scrub made us realise right now how much our faces needed a good exfoliation. All that zinc and oil built up on our face from suncream and as a result of our gorgeous tropical climate.   Whilst we patiently wait for our scrub to go though all the relevant testing, we have been using this easy peasy, natural, vegan home made scrub.   All you need is some coconut oil, raw brown sugar and some grounded cinnamon. 

Add equal parts of the brown sugar and coconut oil (ours is pre-melted and a bit 'something I prepared earlier'). For first timers to avoid wastage try one tablespoon of each.  The sugar will want to dissolve so if this starts to happen add some more sugar to the oil.  Then add between a teaspoon to a tablespoon of the cinnamon and combine together with a spoon. 


Use your clean fingers to apply and polish your face using a circular motion. Don’t forget to do your lips! Remove with a face washer (flannel/face cloth/youknowwhatImean) when done.  Once a week should do the trick.

* As this is homemade you need to treat it like food so if you’d like to keep if for a few days pop it in the fridge with some cling wrap. As it is so easy and quick to make, we usually just make a small fresh batch when required.

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