Do the double cleanse

Do the double cleanse

The double cleanse is when you wash your face twice in a single session. Many cleansers don’t remove concealer and foundation completely with one wash.

The first cleanse is to remove makeup or suncream, and the second is to soften the skin, provide a deeper cleanse and let those active and nourishing skincare ingredients get to your skin. We recommend using a soft muslin face cloth to help gentle rinse the skin during cleansing.

Most of us know not cleansing properly builds dirt and dead skin causing dull looking and often blemishy skin but perhaps more detrimental, particular as our skin ages, this surface layer can prevent active ingredients from getting into the skin and keeping it healthy. So...the double cleanse can be critical in the antioxidants securing victory against the free radicals.  Important stuff!

A few tips before you embark on the double cleanse…

  • Make sure your cleanser is made with gentle ingredients not harsh detergents or chemicals. (Apparently Neek Skin Organics have an exceptional one called Miss Divine Active Face Cleanser $38. )
  • If you haven’t been wearing makeup or suncream (nor cycling behind a diesel truck) just cleanse once. Most people shouldn’t need to cleanse in the mornings. Over cleansing can dry and damage skin.
  • Your skin is unique, so take the time to find the right cleanser for your skin type and that suits you.

Do you already double cleanse or perhaps use a makeup remover before cleansing? If you have any tips or questions – we’d LOVE to hear them. 

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