Beach Beauty

Beach Beauty

One of the most coveted… is the sun-kissed just-spent-the-day-at-the-beach looks. Reality for most after a sea dip, is the just-nearly-drowned-and-I’m-part-zombie look 🙈.. Us coastal gals thought we’d share our top 3 (tried & tested) beach-proof beauty tips…

  • ⛱ Fake it: The night before, apply tanning mousse to your body and FACE. For face, we mix our fave Glow By Beca (made with lovely gentle vegan and natural ingredients) with a little of our These Days face moisturiser to add subtle colour. This omits the need to use creamy foundation or concealer that will just slide off.
  • ⛱ Define: Forego mascara to avoid panda eyes, instead pop eyeliner along the lower lash line and a little along the top outer to define eyes without mascara mess.
  • ⛱ Highlight: Choose a lippy that is close to natural lip colour and has a hydrating formula. We love NEEK Sweet about me shade for this job. We put this neutral shimmery hue on our lips & also swipe it along our cheekbones for a sneaky little glistening glow.

☀️ You’re beach-proofed and ready to go!

P.S Don’t forget your suncream & hat!

Do you have any beach beauty tips? We’d like to hear them. Comment below.

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