Afraid to wear a red lipstick?

Afraid to wear a red lipstick?

We’re here to tell you how you can confidently wear red lips and kick any self-doubt to the curb 💪🏽

Let’s start with the MYTHS about red lips:

💄Red lipstick is hard to apply & touch up X
💄Bold is best x
💄It’s attention-seeking X
💄You need big confidence to match X
❌❌ ↑ all untrue! ❌❌

Here are our TOP 4 TIPS on how to not only wear a red lip but totally crush it:

  1. Start small. Try with a sheer red (like our Cheap Thrills) or hold back and take time to build and get used to the colour.
  2. If your lips feel a little rough, use our makeup remover mitt to gently exfoliate and rub off any dry bits. Don’t peel or bite peeling skin - ouch – this may cause pain and bleeding.
  3. Lipstick can ‘bleed’ into the cracks of dry lips as well as the skin around your mouth. To keep lips smooth and hydrated, apply Shine On lip balm before lining your lips for the first time.
  4. Use concealer around the outside of your lips to define their shape. Using a little brush or your pinkie, trace around the outside of your lips with foundation or concealer. This, friends will give you a beautifully defined lip line. 💋

So, tell us, do you do red lipstick or is it something you’ve shied away from? We'd love to know!

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