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where can I buy neek skin organics?

our products are available online here or at selected retailers in Australia, NZ, UK, Spain and Malta.  Have a look at our stockist finder for more details.   if you have a suggestion for a good retailer near you or are interested in stocking our products, please send us an email to hello@neekskinorganics.com

how can i check my order?

if you have registered and made your purchase when you were logged in click here to go to my profile to get all the details. if not, you should have received an email from us with all the relevant details about your order followed by a shipping confirmation email when your order has been shipped.

can i change or cancel my order?

we are super speedy at getting orders out so if you want to change your order, please email hello@neekskinorganics.com with your order details as soon as possible, and we will try and grab the postie. 

if it has been shipped then please refer to our returns and refunds info below.

do you offer free shipping?

Yes, tracked shipping is free for any order over $50 within Australia.

Shipping within Australia

Standard Tracked Shipping : $7 flat fee for orders under $50

Orders are dispatched within 48 hours and depending on location are delivered within 1-5 days.

Orders to WA and TAS may take up to 7 days. *Please note that from time to time, some special offers or gift sets may not qualify for free shipping when purchased on their own.

do you ship internationally?

Yep, every day by a tracked shipping service.  See details by region below:

NZ: $10 flat fee for orders under $50. Approx. 5 business days*

USA: $10 flat fee for orders under $50. Approx. 5 business days*

UK/Europe: $15 flat fee for orders under $50.  Approx. 6 business days*

ASIA: $15 flat fee for orders under $75. Approx. 7 business days*

Canada: $15 flat fee for orders under $75. Approx. 9 business days*

For the Rest of the World:  $20 flat fee for orders under $75. Approx 7 business days*

We deliver to most countries including:  Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, Fiji, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong SAR China, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Malta, Netherlands, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Norway, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Poland, Singapore, Solomon Islands, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, U.K., U.S., Vietnam.

*COVID-19 is slowing down delivery to some regions, particularly the USA. Apologies!  Please allow an additional 5 business days to transit times.  

how do i contact you?

the best way to contact us is by sending an email to hello@neekskinorganics.com. we promise a super speedy response.

what payment options do you accept?

we take visa, mastercard, american express and paypal.

is your site safe to use my credit card?

when you enter sensitive information on our website, we encrypt that information using secure sockets. For information such as credit card numbers, we chose to use Paypal as it is one of the most secure online financial sites.

what is your returns and refund policy?

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase please email us at hello@neekskinorganics.com within 30 days so we can resolve any issues.

As products will need to be returned, we recommend that you return the product via Registered Post and that you pre-pay all postage. You assume any risk of lost, theft or damaged goods during transit and therefore we advise you insure your parcel. NEEK will not be responsible for parcels lost or damaged in transit if you choose not to insure.

will you give out my details to third parties?

nope. you can check out more information regarding this by visiting our privacy policy page.

product information  

are your products animal-friendly?

yes, all our products are vegan and cruelty-free.  We don’t use any animal ingredients or animal by-product ingredients. We test on sisters not animals!  Our Choose Cruelty-Free (CCF) and Vegan accreditations make it clear we’re committed to caring for the planet and for our furred, feathered, and finned friends. 

what about planet-friendly?

as well as making products that are kind to the skin, we also focus on making products that are kind to the environment. We choose recyclable and sustainable packaging options such as bamboo, which is a highly renewable resource.

Being a natural material, no two tubes or lids will be exactly the same in terms of tone or grain.  We like that this make each and every lipstick unique! 

we have experimented with many eco-packaging options including recycled paper tubes for our lipsticks and glass and aluminium for skincare.  We always keep a close eye on eco-packaging innovation and the options.  Unfortunately the options for keeping organic and natural cosmetics stable is still very limited.  Through our continuous research, we found recyclable packaging is largely not being deposed of correctly, therefore not getting recycled causing a major fracture in the recycling program.  These are some of the reasons that we have opted to trial our new skincare range in a highly recyclable bio-plastic tube which we will be supporting with two recycling initiatives.  We’ll be announcing the details of these very soon,  

we also limit over packaging as much as possible within the standard retail regulations. Our boxes are recycled and recyclable (bit of a mouthful).  NEEK also operate as much as possible as a paper-free organisation and are very conscious about choosing recycled, recyclable and ‘green’ options in everything that we do. Our courier satchels that send our online orders in are plastic-free and compostable.

is NEEK tested on animals?

absolutely not! we love our feathered, furry and finned friends. we never test on animals. just sisters! we don’t use any animal by products either.

do your products contain palm oil?


how do you colour your lipsticks? Do you use carmine or synthetic dyes?

No, neither.  Our lipsticks are 100% vegan AND 100% natural. 

Carmine can make some amazing shades, but crushed beetles really aren’t our thing. (And yes, people do put crushed beetles on their lips – though they probably don’t realise it.) Most vegan lipsticks use synthetic dyes but we prefer to keep things natural and only use micas and pigments from mother nature.   

It's actually very tricky to create rich, bold shades without synthetic dyes or carmine, but we're on a mission to develop alternatives. 

Are your lipsticks gluten-free?

Yes! 100% Gluten-free. Our founder suffers from celiac disease so a gluten-free formulation was a non-negotiable.

does neek skin organics contain petrochemicals?

definitely not! our products do not contain  petroleum or mineral oils.  parabens, silicones, lead, phthalates or synthetic fragrance. we also avoid common natural ingredients that tend to cause reactions in many like lavender oil.

Are your products Alcohol-Free?

Yes - all our products are alcohol-free and we are in the application process of Halal Accreditation.

Our two skincare products contain benzyl alcohol. As you are probably aware, although the term “alcohol” is used in the name, benzyl alcohol does not contain any ethanol, the volatile alcohol found in alcoholic beverages and some toiletry product. So, benzyl alcohol is often present in products that are considered 'alcohol free’. Make sense?

i have sensitive skin, will your products irritate my skin? 

our products are made from gentle, botanical ingredients and are formulated for sensitive skin however, even natural ingredients can cause allergies so we recommend doing a patch test if you are concerned.   A patch test is a method of testing a product on your skin to help avoid possible adverse reactions to new ingredients or products.

how to do a patch test:

  • make sure the area of skin on which you will be performing the test is washed, dry and clean. We suggest the inner part of your lower arm – near the elbow.
  • choose a time of day where you can leave the patch test in place for least 24 hours without getting it wet.
  • being a washoff product, patch-testing the cleanser is a little different. Massage the cleanser into a damp small section of skin for 20 seconds and then wash off thoroughly with water. 
  • if you are sensitive to any of the ingredients, a reaction such as reddening, burning, itching, or other irritation, should occur within 24 hours of applying.
  • if you experience any irritation or reaction, wash off the product and the area.
  • if you don't see or feel any reaction – WOOHOO!

Can I still use NEEK while pregnant or breastfeeding?

All NEEK products are safe to use during pregnancy and our Vegan Cleanser is proving popular with Mums for removing suncream from little ones' faces. Also, our Shine On lip balm being all natural is lovely for soothing little lips.


as long as your makeup is not waterproof, yes our cleanser removes makeup effectively.   we suggest double cleansing if you are wearing makeup or suncream.  the first cleanse removes the makeup, the second cleans the skin.  if you are wearing lots of eye makeup, focus more on the eye area using gently circular motions to help clean the makeup off. 

what are the expiry dates for neek skin organics products?

lipsticks & skincare – 2 years from opening.

where are you products made?

proudly in australia!

press & media  

where should I direct my press enquiry?

please contact our media peeps at hello@neekskinorganics.com

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where can I buy neek skin organics?

our products are available online here or at selected retailers in Australia, NZ, UK, Spain and Malta.  Have a look at our stockist finder for more details.   if you have a suggestion for a good retailer near you or are interested in stocking our products, please send us an email to hello@neekskinorganics.com

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how do i apply to be a stockist?

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