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This is incredibly hard to watch (and share) but it's a real reminder of what organisations and volunteers are currently dealing with here in Australia. Firefighters, charities and animal rescue groups' resources are being tested and they are calling for financial aid. Please donate if you can. Large donations are amazing but so too is loose change from your car, or $2 from your chid's money box (with their permission, of course 🙂). Simply sharing this post and spreading the word - will help make a difference.

We're supporting the Port Macquarie @koalahospital. We'll be making a donation on behalf of our customers for every online order placed until Friday. You can also donate directly via their go fund me page here: https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-thirsty-koalas-devastated-by-recent-fires. Minimum donation is $5. Thank you @kristenlucas for helping this poor little bear and for sharing this video 🙏

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