Earth Day 2019
Scientists say if we all pull together and start making changes right now, we’re in with a good chance of preventing irreversible damage. Making some tweaks in how we do things in our everyday lives will make a difference.  Educating and making achievable changes within our families (no matter how big or small) is a big help. 
Here’s 8 easy eco tips to help save the 🌏 
🌱1. Buy from eco-friendly brands (like NEEK) 🌱2. Recycle in the right bin 🌱3. Get yourself a reusable water bottle, coffee cup & shopping bags 🌱4. Ditch face & baby wipes. 🌱5. Go vintage.  Sell, swap or buy from op shops. 🌱6. Drive less. Walk, bike & carpool more. It’s fun! 🌱7. Meat Free Mondays! - Go meat free one day a week. 🌱8. Spread the word.  Get family and friends on board.