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2/09/2017 12:00 am

From dawn to dusk, we are all about Liptember.  Today only… we are reducing our 100% natural, vegan lippies from $28 to $20 AND will be donating $5 from every lipstick sold to this important women’s mental health campaign*.

Shop now

For more information about Liptember, or to donate directly to this cause, click here

*Valid via online store only.

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Kiss Away the Blues

1/09/2017 12:00 am

To throw our support behind Liptember and help raise funds…tomorrow (yay for Saturday!) we will be donating $5 from every lippy sold to this important women’s mental health campaign.

AND to entice you to help us contribute as much as we can, we’ll be reducing our 100% natural, vegan lippies from $28 to just $20 each. Win, win…win!

*Valid Saturday 2 September. Online Aust only.

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The most important time to look after your skin is in your 20’s & 30's - not when you see your first wrinkle 👵🏻If you want healthier more youthful looking skin in your fabulous 40's and beyond, in addition to being sun safe, you need to use antiaging products to strengthen, protect and repair your skin.

It’s easy to give up when you don't see short term results but it's easy peasy to do - just a slip of cream and pop of serum daily and done!

50 year old you, will want to kiss you 💋

We have value bundled our two key antiaging products, These Days Active Face MoisturiserWide Lovely Eyes, Face and Eye serum and  together into a skincare set . You can enjoy 20% off as well as healthy skin with our Skincare two set .

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Parched to pashworthy by Friday

21/08/2017 11:06 pm

Windswept hair...and paper-like cuts on your lips 😳 Follow these 3 tips to get your pout from parched to pashworthy by Friday. Windburn is essentially really dry, thirsty and irritated skin caused by (wait for it…) the wind 😱 but also cold temperatures and low humidity that suck the oils from skin.

💋 Lips don’t have oil glands so you need to give them some moisture. Use a balm containing oils such as coconut or jojoba rather than petroleum oil and avoid alcohol or chemicals that may aggravate them further. Keep the balm on hand and apply it 6-8 times a day – this will also prevent lip licking (which makes it worse). If you can’t go without lipstick for a few days, make sure you apply balm first.
💋 When outside, try and keep your lips covered and warm with a scarf or high neck top.
💋 Lastly, drink plenty of water to help keep lips and skin hydrated.

Made on a nourishing base of jojoba and avocado oils, shea butter and vitamin E and infused with orange peel oil for its antiseptic benefits and no synthetic toxics, Shine On lipbalm is our year round go-to for soft, sensual lips.

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Pillow Talk

22/07/2017 1:32 am

After just one night’s sleep, our bed linen collects dead skin, dirt, bacteria and fungus. Ew! This build up of dirt and nasties can lead to breakouts, skin irritations and even sickness. We know the drill about washing bed linen weekly, but because our hair holds so much dirt + pillowcases are against our face, we should change our pillowcases every second day. Worth a whirl particularly if you suffer from facial breakouts and inflammation.

Clean sheets = simple pleasure.

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Traits of a fine Moisturiser

28/06/2017 1:32 am

The constant influx of new products featuring the latest anti-ageing and skincare trends can cause, even the savviest of shoppers, major head spins. To help you shop for a good face moisturiser (and prevent intoxication by mystical claims and the fancy price tag that goes with) we’ve put together a '4 moisturiser must-have ingredients' checklist:

🌱Emollients to hold moisture and soften skin - think coconut or avocado oils, olive squalane, shea butter.

🌱Antioxidants to help defend against environmental elements like kakadu plum, vitamin E or green tea extract.

🌱Alpha Hydroxy Acids to remove dead skin cells and reveal glowy skin. Look for natural AHAs such as hibiscus extract.

🌱Last one, skin-replenishers to penetrate lower layers and attract and maintain water in the skin.

Naturally (and organically 😉) our active face moisturiser checks these 4 boxes. Shop our These Days Active Face Moisturiser here.

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Dirty Talk

2/06/2017 1:32 am

By cleansing you face at night and removing makeup, dirt and pollution, you allow your skin to breathe and repair itself overnight. At night while we’re resting is also the best time to apply anti-ageing products thanks to the increase in our blood circulation allowing better absorbtion. However, absorbtion wont be as efficient if your skin’s not clean when you apply them. So be like Brigette, and keep it clean!

If you have blemishes or breakouts, sensitive skin and like your products organic and vegan, click to have a squizz at our cleanser here ➸ Miss Divine Active Face Cleanser .

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Skincare Giveaway

27/05/2017 1:32 am

It's true! The winner and their lucky friend will each win the following skincare stash to keep their skin looking lovely and healthy for the next 6 months:

✩ 3 x Miss divine face cleanser
✩ 4 x These days active moisturiser
✩ 3 x Wide lovely eyes, face and eye serum

Follow these 3 easy steps for you and your friend to be in the running:

To enter on Facebook:

  1. Click here and POP in your email address where it says ‘subscribe’
  2. TAG your friend in the comments section ie @MargotRobbie
  3. SHARE the competition on your facebook page

To enter on instagram:

  1. Click here and POP in your email address where it says ‘subscribe’
  2. Follow us on instagram
  3. TAG your friend in the comments section ie @MargotRobbie

The competition starts Friday 25 May and closes Friday 2 June. Winners will be drawn and notified by email on Monday 5 June 2017. We’ll get yours and your friend’s postal addresses and send you out your skincare stashes.

Good luck 🍀

T&Cs: Completing all 3 steps is a requirement for entry. Only customers living in Australia and the UK customers can enter. Two winners will be drawn - one in Australia and one in the UK.

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If sleeping with this spunk-rat made your skin age 7 times faster, would you still do it? 👀 Would you?! Well, our jury is still out on this one 😜. Apparently this is the case if you sleep with your makeup on! Porky pie, wives’ tale, whatever, the reality is that makeup can hold free radicals which break down collagen causing skin ageing, pimples, irritation and dull looking skin. It’s super important to remove eye makeup as it holds bacteria and can lead to blocked hair follicles and oil glands leading to pink eye or something worse. When you’re feeling super lazy, even a quick 1 minute cleanse and splash of water will help to reduce bacteria. So when it comes to 💤, we say NO to makeup (and YES to Brad)😉 💕.

And if you’re looking for a good vegan, organic active cleanser, there’s one Brad, Ange, Jen and everyone keeps raving about. Oh what’s it called? Uh, oh yeah! Miss Divine Active Cleanser.

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Holy adult pimple!

24/04/2017 2:45 am

Loads of things I don’t miss about being a teenager: my mean Art teacher, curfews, pimples, worrying about what everybody thought and generally feeling awkward. Unfortunately, one of these things still lingers and it’s not Mrs F 😜

While it may no longer ‘ruin your life’, breakouts can be frustrating and embarrassing. Although multiple factors contribute to acne such as genetics, stress and hormones, using quality, natural skincare products can make a HUGE difference.

Avoid those containing Benzoyl Peroxide and opt for research-backed natural actives. We formulated our Miss Divine Cleanser with pimples, eczema and rosacea in mind adding Horsetail (🌿 not 🐴 ) for its antimicrobial/anti-inflammatory properties, Sage for its antiseptic benefits and Calendula for healing and to help minimise scarring.

Our active skincare range has worked for us (and loads of customers) so if you have skin concerns such as breakouts, rosacea and eczema, we’d love it to help you too. Email us anytime if you have any q’s.

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