Vegan Lipstick & Eucalyptus Mini Purse Set

As low as $35.00

What’s even better than an all-natural, all-vegan lipstick? Why, an all-natural, all-vegan lipstick that comes with a whimsical, Australian-themed mini purse, of course!

Made from lined canvas and finished with a golden zipper to give it a little touch of bling, this mini purse features a Eucalyptus leaf silk-print on both sides. The design reflects NEEK’s Australia-made heritage, but we’re sure you can see that we really just fell in love with it because it’s super-duper cute.

Measuring in at 16cm by 11cm (that’s a bit over 6’ by 4’ for our American friends), our Eucalyptus mini purse is ideal for keeping your lipstick, currency, and other bits and bobs organised and easy to access.

Pair it with your choice of one of our eight fantastic all-natural, all-vegan lipstick shades, and at only $35 (valued over $50), you’d be crazy not to grab one for yourself… Or as a gift. (That was the original idea behind this gift set – but really, you just do you!)

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